Sunday, April 3, 2011


Wow. My first post in 2011. Its been awhile i havent wrote anything in this blog. Well, there's alot of things going on in my life through the time being :)

Ouuuh yeah, haha. Last friday, on 1/April/2011, my classmate and i went to Pantai Pasir Lanun . It was one of our subject's project. There's alot of difficulities on planning on it since i was the project manager. HAHA! Well, it was my first time. And its like once in a blue moon i went for camp. I know nothing on handling it. Thanks to my classmate who sengaja voted me as a project manager yee :) We dint get bus, we dint get sponsor due to rejected paper work. But yeah, i learned alot of things... :) experience. How to handle , manage it. :)

Thing that i really want to avoid.. happened to me :( . Aku punya handphone tenggelam dalam air laut. I dint notice it. I check on my pocket, my handphone! Mati. Argh. I waited for it to dry and on it, but yet.. still tak hidup. That time, i was sooo... kecewa.. I cant text with someone that i .. love. haha! Seriously that time i feel like, kenapa la aku tak check pocket dulu... sampai-sampai terus redah pantai, main air.. Jakun punya pasal. Alhamdulillah, my friend, Daniel, kasi pinjam his phone.. since maxis line not available there and im using celcom which is available :) . Boleh jugak la lepas rindu i dekat Si Dia. I really love her. haha!

We went there for 3 hari 2 malam. Phew.. tired... but i had some fun there. So to you guys, please do check your pocket first before main air yarr. Or you will termenung laa like me. Hahaha..