Sunday, August 14, 2011

Driving Car License?

Its been almost 4 days im away with her. Mann... I miss her alot. I wish i could hold her all the time . Couldn't stop thinking about her... haha!

Its now 14th of Ramadhan. Time goes so fast isn't it? :(
Yesterday i went to driving class. Now i need to wait for my license. It take almost a week to get license L. And after i got it, i need to attend 8 hours driving class and 2 hours of QTI ( Driving school Test not JPJ test ). Then need to wait another 1 month to get my license "matang" which in english, mature, that is what they said to me, Hahahaha. And then, finally i can go for the JPJ test to get my license P.

Man, does it need to be that long to get a driving license? I cant wait to get my license and go merempit with my dad's car . yeaaaaah. hahaha . im not kidding. -,-

i miss you..

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